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Vertical Lift Bridges


Spijkenisse Bridge

The Spijkenisse vertical lift bridge on the Oude Maas, the Netherlands, was completed in 1979 and is made of 4 segments each 100 meters long.

Both center bridge sections can be raised independently of each other by 45 meters. Two so-called lift towers equipped with track rollers guided in two pillars support one bridge segment. The track rollers of the lift towers have a total of 168 spherical roller bearings with diameters of between 90 and 200 mm. The segments are lifted and lowered using cable winches, guide rollers and counterweights. A total of 16 cable reels each supported by 2 FAG spherical roller bearings series 230 (diameters 220 mm and 170 mm, locating/non-locating bearing arrangements) provide the drive. Each of the 32 cable winches is equipped with 2 FAG spherical roller bearings 228/630 MB. The cable winch bearings must support a weight of approximately 170 tons at a speed of 3 rpm.

An inspection of the bearings after 20 years in operation showed that they were all in very good condition.


Falsterbo Bridge

The spherical roller bearings in the Falsterbo bridge in Sweden must be turned every 5 years to prevent one-sided wear. This interval can vary depending on the condition. 4 load zones at a rotation angle of 90° are marked on the outer rings of the bearings. During the first turning operation, the outer rings are turned from load zone 1 to 3 (180°), the second operation involves turning by 90° to load zone 2, then again by 180° to load zone 4. The whole process is started again from load zone 1 depending on the condition of the bearings. The outer rings can be turned without any special tools after the shaft has been relieved of load and after the split bearing housing has been opened.

FAG Industrial Services (F'IS) carries out all the necessary work involved for our customers.


Kampen Bridge

The cable sheaves on the Kampenbrug in the Netherlands are literally a shining example of modern engineering. The cable sheaves of this vertical lift bridge in Holland are gold plated. Double-row spherical roller bearings with cylindrical bores support the tremendous weight of the moveable bridge section that is regularly lifted and lowered to allow the passage of ships.


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