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Special Structures




The large "Eiscat" antenna in Tromsö, Norway is used for carrying out research of the ionosphere. In the rotation points between the support towers and the reflector, FAG spherical roller bearings with 320 mm bore diameters transmit the weight forces and the additional forces from wind pressure, snow and ice loads.


Gamma-Ray Magic Telescope - La Palma

The new Cherenkov telescope, which displays an image of the heavens in the gamma ray spectrum, opens a window to the extremely high-mass black holes, microquasars and the remains of supernovas – the highest-energy radiation sources in the universe. With its 17 meter opening, MAGIC (Major Atmospheric Gamma Imaging Cherenkov) is the largest telescope of its type. Magic can be optimally adjusted with two plain bearings which are arranged laterally on the shaft. The maximum loads for the telescope’s bearings during storms and icing are: Frad = 130 kN and Fax = 117 kN (static).


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