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New Wembley Stadium


The unmistakable feature of the New Wembley Stadium is a braced steel arch with a height of 133 meters and a span of 335 meters, which supports the stadium’s roof structure. The arch has a mass of 1,650 tons and supports 60 percent of the stands’ roof weight by means of steel cables. In total, both INA axial large spherical plain bearings, which are located close to the ground at both ends of the arch, support a weight of around 7,500 tons.

In order to accommodate thermal expansion and wind movements of the braced steel arch, the bearings must support maximum swivel movements of +/- 2.5° under extreme conditions and +/- 0.7° under normal conditions – for 100 years and completely maintenance-free. Or put another way, the rating life must be at least 1,000,000 swivel movements.

These requirements together with the architects’ design specifications for the bearing supports - maximum outside diameter of 1000 mm with an inside diameter of at least 300 mm and a maximum height of 250 mm – could only be realized by maintenance-free, axial large spherical plain bearings with ELGOGLIDE®.


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