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Super precision spindle bearings


Thermally robust components for motor spindles

The new high precision cylindrical roller bearing FAG N..-TR with a radially elastic outer ring makes it possible, for the first time, to achieve excellent compensation of temperature fluctuations together with very high speed capability on the non-locating bearing position for the motor spindle. The optimised lubricant distribution as well as a lower temperature level in operation provide additional security for the non-locating bearing function.


New high performance series for main spindles

The new FAG high performance series for spindle bearings RS is characterised by its particularly robust design as well as by its suitability for very high speeds. The use of these bearings based on large ball sizes and fundamentally with a 20° contact angle provides sustainable cost savings in main spindles due to significantly longer life and new design options.


X-life ultra spindle bearings

X-life ultra spindle bearings are a truly revolutionary new bearing design made from Cronidur 30, a patented high-nitrogen steel originally developed by FAG for critical aerospace applications. X-life ultra bearings offer remarkable performance characteristics, longer life and are 100x more corrosion resistant than conventional stainless steels. X-life ultra spindle bearings are considered the most advanced bearing available on the market today in terms of load capacity and speed.


Floating bearing solutions

FAG offers special customized solutions, tailored to meet specific application requirements. These solutions are based upon a wide selection of precision cylindrical roller bearings, which are also available in a hybrid version.

In addition ball bearings with integrated floating bearing functions - so called Floating Displacement bearings (FD) - in various design configurations, e.g. sealed or with tapered innter ring bore or with Direct Lube feature, are available. Absolutely new are FAG ready-to-mount floating bearing units with built in spring preload and many additional functions.


Sealed spindle bearings

FAG B..2RSD and FAG high speed spindle bearings XCS, HCS and HSS are protected by non contacting seals. They are greased for life with the FAG high speed grease Arcanol L75 in the right quantity.


Bearings specially for power tools

The new FAG PTB bearings were developed specifically for power tools, Due to the 30° contact angle, they are particularly suitable for supporting high axial forces. They are directly interchangeable with spindle bearings of series B719 and B70 and offer even more precise machining results and higher cutting performance for the application.


High speed bearings for main spindles

The new high speed axial bearings FAG BAX have high axial load carrying capacity and rigidity, but also achieve the suitability for high speeds of main spindle bearings. These bearings with a 30° contact angle, used directly in combination with high speed single or double row cylindrical roller bearings of designs N or NN30, are extremely suitable for applications in milling spindles and machining centres.



Super Precision Bearings Spindle bearings Super precision cylindrical roller bearings Axial angular contact ball bearings
Catalogue | 2016-06 | 036884715-0000 | English

Super Precision Bearings (SP 1 )

Spindle bearings Super precision cylindrical roller bearings Axial angular contact ball bearings

FAG super precision bearings for main spindles stand for very high precision and absolute operational security. Innovative FAG spindle bearing solutions are continually raising standards in relation to speeds, accuracy and rating life. For the main spindle system and the overall machine tool system to be successful, however, bearing components alone are no longer sufficient as a guarantee. Significant increases in performance and the creation of unique selling propositions for the customer are now achieved when the bearing manufacturer offers advice and carries out development work on the basis of wide-ranging system knowledge as well as being able to provide support through a range of service functions. It is through close partnership with the manufacturers of spindles and machine tools and through shared knowledge, founded on experience, of the requirements of end users and their customers that the potential exists for achieving a leading role in the market.

Publisher: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Reprint | 2014-11 | 036848484-0000 | English

FAG BAX Axial Bearings (SSD 16)

High speed bearings for main spindles

When used in combination with modern, high speed cylindrical roller bearings of types N10 and NN30 in particular, it is possible to realise high speed spindles with high axial and radial rigidity and load carrying capacity. Since no tilting moments must be supported, the kinematic characteristics under combined load are not impaired, which makes this bearing arrangement particularly robust.

Publisher: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG

Reprint | 2013-07 | 036848514-0000 | English

FAG RS – Robust and Fast (SSD 19)

High performance series for main spindles

The new FAG spindle bearing series RS combines the robust design and load carrying capacity of spindle bearings based on large ball sizes with the suitability for high speeds of high speed series based on small ball sizes. Bearing arrangements with the new RS spindle bearings are less sensitive to operational and environmental influences and present the user with new possibilities for the design of high speed spindles for high machining forces.

Publisher: Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG


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