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FAG SmartCheck

Technical Product Information | 2017-06
FAG SmartCheck
High process security by means of decentralised machinery monitoring


Publication | 2017-04
Continuously monitoring the machine’s condition: FAG SmartCheck starter kit


Flyer | 2014-01
CONDITION MONITORING for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)
Flyer about the cooperation with the e‑F@ctory of Mitsubishi Electric.

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FAG SmartCheck

FAG SmartCheck is a compact, innovative, modular online measuring system for continuous monitoring of machinery and process parameters on a decentralised basis. It can be used on assemblies where such monitoring was previously too cost-intensive.


FAG SmartCheck - Vibration Sensors on Every Machine

Vibration monitoring does not have to be complicated – as proved by the FAG SmartCheck! As a flexible solution, it adjusts to your demands and reliably fulfils even complex requirements.


FAG SmartCheck is suitable, for example, for early detection of rolling bearing damage, imbalances and misalignments on:

  • electric and geared motors
  • vacuum and fluid pumps
  • ventilators and fans
  • gearboxes and compressors
  • spindles and machine tools
  • separators and decanters.

Plug-and-play system
FAG SmartCheck is ready for immediate use. When supplied, it already has a set of key data that facilitate general, reliable machinery monitoring.

In addition, predefined configuration templates are available for monitoring of items such as fans, pumps and bearings. These can easily be matched to individual requirements. Due to the integrated bearing database of FAG and INA standard bearings, data configuration and later analysis are simpler.


Parameters monitored
In addition to the standard parameters of vibration and temperature, it is possible to record other classic operating parameters such as pressure or flow rate. All parameters can be correlated with each other and included in the alarm configuration.

The data are recorded and analysed centrally by the system. The current machine condition can be displayed directly on the device or transferred to any control facility as required. It is only necessary to integrate FAG SmartCheck in the existing network structure.


Control using Mitsubishi controllers

General communication with controllers can be carried out through connection of the analogue and digital interfaces with the controller. The communication protocol SLMP has been implemented specially for Mitsubishi controllers of the L and Q series. This allows direct transfer of the measurables status and gives information, for example, on rolling bearing damage, imbalance, misalignments or temperature fluctuations that can be notified in plain text to the operator by means of the controller.


Access via the Internet
FAG SmartCheck has an intuitive user concept designed as a Web interface. It is therefore possible to access the system via the Internet using any standard Internet browser. The Web interface can be used to configure the system and view current data.


Remote monitoring
The data can be transferred to other locations by remote access and analysed there by the operator or external service providers such as the Schaeffler vibration experts.

This is particularly important for customers who still have little experience of data analysis or wish to outsource this function.

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