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Connectors, accessories

FAG Mounting Manager

Mounting instructions for rolling bearings with tapered bore

FAG Mounting Manager

Hydraulic tools

Connectors, accessories

Various connectors and accessories are available for use with the devices for hydraulic mounting and dismounting.


Adapters and reduction nipples
Adapters and reduction nipples are matched to the threads of high pressure hoses and pipes.
Adapters and reduction nipples of type A (with sealing ring) are suitable for oil pressures up to 800 bar. Type B (with blade sealing) is suitable for oil pressures up to 2 500 bar.


Rapid push fit coupling

The rapid push fit coupling allows rapid connection and disconnection of a hose and is suitable for oil pressures up to 1600 bar. After the coupling has been fitted, the high pressure hose must be secured to the connection point by means of a chain or cord.


In addition to the manometer with digital display, there are three analogue manometers with an indicator.
When selecting a manometer, pay attention to the maximum oil pressure.


Sleeve connectors
Sleeve connectors can be used at pressures up to 800 bar. The connector to the pump holder is G1/4. The connector to the consumer device is available in the sizes M6, M8, G1/8 and G1/4. For other thread sizes, a reduction nipple can be used.
Check the oil pressure using a manometer.


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