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Technical Product Information | 2014-08
Sealed Spherical Roller Bearings
With reliable protection against contamination

Rolling and Plain Bearings

More Cost-Effectiveness and Operational Reliability: FAG Spherical Roller Bearings in X-Life Quality

Spherical roller bearings are a special rolling bearing design whose inner ring runs inside the outer ring on two rows of rollers. The bearings have an angular adjustment of up to 2° and are not only designed for high load carrying capacity but can also compensate misalignments.
Schaeffler has years of experience in manufacturing spherical roller bearings.
Schaeffler has years of experience in manufacturing spherical roller bearings.

The decades of experience our engineers have gathered combined with innovative ideas improve our spherical roller bearings even further. As a matter of fact, our quest for perfection in development and production ensures optimum kinematics and low wear, which increases the operating life even more. And that comes at a low maintenance outlay and minimum maintenance costs.

Schaeffler’s spherical roller bearings are designed in such a way that they can easily be integrated into any system regardless of its level of complexity – for example into wind turbines. The spherical roller bearing in the rotor shaft is perfectly matched to the bearings in the gearbox and the generator, as well as the spherical roller bearings installed in the yaw system.
Perfect interplay: Schaeffler’s spherical roller bearing for wind turbines
Perfect interplay: Schaeffler’s spherical roller bearing for wind turbines

With the aid of innovative simulation and calculation programs like BEARINX®, we simplify the bearing design and simulate realistic tests. Such tests make it possible, for example, to test the entire system or determine the rolling element contact. This way, we can ensure that your system runs smoothly with the highest possible safety level.


Customized solutions
Every turbine has different requirements for the installed spherical roller bearing. They range from bearings with a cylindrical bore, a tapered bore, and adapter and extraction sleeves to sealing or split spherical roller bearings that allow for quick and simple mounting and dismounting. We have the ideal solution for your task.

Radial spherical roller bearings

Radial spherical roller bearings
Delivering an outstanding performance: Spherical roller bearings are designed for systems where high loads have to be supported and where shaft flexing and misalignments have to be compensated. They deliver extremely high performance and are designed to carry extreme loads.

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Split spherical roller bearings

Split spherical roller bearings
Carrying out replacement work quickly and easily: Split spherical roller bearings are the ideal solution for use in difficult-to-reach locations. Complex additional tasks and extensions can therefore be reduced to a minimum, significantly shortening machine and system downtimes.

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Sealed spherical roller bearings

Sealed spherical roller bearings
A clean solution: Whether it is in continuous casting plants, conveyor systems, or elevators – sealed spherical roller bearings are primarily used in challenging environments and when extra-quiet running characteristics are required.

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No matter where FAG spherical roller bearings are used, they are above all characterized by their extremely high performance capacity.
E1 spherical roller bearing in X-life quality: Up to 15% increase in dynamic load ratings compared to conventional spherical roller bearings.
E1 spherical roller bearing in X-life quality: Up to 15% increase in dynamic load ratings compared to conventional spherical roller bearings

Higher dynamic load ratings ensure increased operational reliability and raise the average operating life by up to 60%. What is more: They are a space saver, since significantly smaller bearings can easily live up to the performance of larger models.

X-life – Schaeffler’s exclusive quality standard – is the reason for this significant increase in performance capacity, cost-effectiveness, and operational reliability.

Spherical roller bearings in X-life quality
Designed to satisfy the highest demands: Spherical roller bearings in X-life quality

Spherical roller bearings in X-life quality offer

  • Reduced friction
  • Low bearing temperatures
  • Less strain on the lubricant
  • Measurable energy savings
  • Reduced noise generation
  • Reduced design envelope

X-life makes premium quality the standard at Schaeffler. Learn more

Projects around the world in which our products are used prove that Schaeffler solutions in the field of spherical roller bearings can be counted on. Whether it is in the energy sector or in heavy industries, in modern architecture or in the world of mobility: We make sure that the world moves.
We offer innovative bearing solutions that are tailored perfectly to the requirements of each project.

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