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Clutch systems

Clutch release systems

In terms of driving comfort, a driver evaluates the entire clutch and actuation system according to smooth disengagement behavior, the user-friendly force-travel characteristics on the clutch pedal, silent and vibration-free actuation as well as good modulation behavior during startup and gearshift operations. The entire system, from pedal to clutch, must function in all operating conditions and ensure smooth interaction with other vehicle components. Consideration of the entire chain of functions requires sub-functions in the clutch system to be carefully matched to each other. When the clutch pedal is activated, the driver senses the clutch system's response. To satisfy the requirements placed on the clutch pedal, clutch system components must be matched in terms of friction, rigidity and mechanical advantage. The LuK product range comprises all elements for actuating manual transmissions including master and slave cylinders, mechanical lever systems with release bearings, hydraulic clutch release systems for hybrid drives, and engagement systems for wet and dry double clutch actuation systems.


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