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Clutch release systems

Slave cylinder


LuK clutch slave cylinders have a long operating life and low friction characteristics thanks to the special design of the central seal with a plastic reinforcement and the special lubricants used. A distinction is made between two types of slave cylinders:

Hydraulic concentric slave cylinders
Concentric slave cylinders are fitted within the bell housing where the hydraulic cylinder encloses the input shaft. They are easy to fit and automatically adjust the travel of the diaphragm spring during clutch wear. The housings are manufactured almost exclusively from plastic resistant to high temperatures and now only rarely from aluminum. The integrated design where the guide tube and housing are injection molded as one part is particularly robust. A travel sensor can be fitted on the side of the housing in hybrid vehicles and automated clutch actuation systems. The release bearing can be equipped with a thrust washer to reduce friction or a cardan joint to prevent judder caused by geometrical defects.

Semi-hydraulic slave cylinders
LuK manufactures so-called semi-hydraulic slave cylinders for lever-operated transmissions. The housings are always made of plastic and the cylinders are protected against contamination using rubber bellows. A bleed screw for bleeding the system can be integrated into the housing or supplied as a cost-effective solution in the connector of the pressure line. A system with travel sensors is available for automated actuation systems.


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