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Clutch release systems

Travel and position sensors


LuK clutch cylinders can be fitted with either travel or position sensors. A distinction is made between add-on sensors that are mounted on the outside on the housing and integrated sensors that are an integral part of the housing. Add-on sensors are recommended if only a proportion of the vehicle platform using the same housings is to be equipped with sensors, whereas integrated sensors are used if all vehicles are to be equipped with sensors.

Actuation point and travel sensors or a combination of both are used in clutch master cylinders. Assembling the sensors with the clutch master cylinders means that switches, potentiometers and the relevant wiring is no longer needed within the pedal box. In addition, the signals measured are more resistant to tolerances. Systems with parking brakes and stop start functions are often only made possible by using sensors in the master cylinder.

Passive or active travel sensors are used in clutch slave cylinders. The heat-sensitive electronic evaluation system of passive sensors is positioned in the connector or in the control unit outside the bell housing.

These sensors usually use magnetic targets. The most recent designs for clutch master cylinders in particular do not use magnets.


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