Schaeffler Singapore

Clutch release systems

Vibration dampers, anti-vibration units, peak torque limiters


A range of components is available for optimizing the behavior of the system, which can be supplied as separate assemblies or integrated into lines. The most important components include the following:

Anti-vibration units
Anti-vibration units prevent low-frequency vibrations (below 100 Hz) from being transferred to the pedal. These units are extremely effective automatically-activated valves that completely cut off the line when the pedal is being pressed. The anti-vibration unit produces a moderate damping effect due to fluid friction when the pedal is moved, which is suitable for reducing vibration amplitudes without considerably increasing the hysteresis.

Vibration dampers
At higher frequency pedal vibrations and in the case of noise phenomena, vibration dampers prevent unwanted increases in resonance in the lines. To achieve the best result, it is advisable to match the damper frequency and bandwidth to the application using fluid dynamic simulation.

Peak torque limiters
Increases in torque and damage to the drive train can be caused by the driver's foot slipping off the pedal or a very sporty driving style. Fitting an orifice in the flow of fluid is an effective means of limiting the engagement speed. The orifice moves automatically and opens transfer ports to enable unhindered declutching.

Speed-controlled peak torque limiters
This product ensures that the driver does not experience any impairment in pedal feeling in any operating situation despite the small orifice diameter. The peak torque limiter only reacts at very high engagement speeds. No detectable resistance in the line occurs if the pedal is pressed normally.


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