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Corporate Values

Sustainable, Innovative, Excellent and Passionate are our four core values that form the cornerstone of everything we want to achieve with our strategy.

Leadership Principles

Leadership at Schaeffler is based on transparency, trust, and teamwork. These are our three key leadership principles, which form the heart and soul of our leadership and organisation model – the benchmark for all cooperation and collaboration within and outside the Schaeffler Group.

Leadership Essentials

Leadership essentials provide the framework for Schaeffler’s leadership culture and day-to-day guidance for our managers. The commitment to connect for success, empower your team, care for people, manage for results, drive the change, and take on responsibility provide the framework for our leadership culture and the basis of our future success.

Employee Essentials

Employee essentials describe the concept of how we work in Schaeffler, turning challenges into opportunities and working together in a targeted and trusting manner worldwide across all levels and functions.

Connect for Success

Act in the best interest of the whole company. Collaborate beyond your own area of responsibility. Share relevant information. Foster internal and external teamwork. Give and seek proactive support.

Empower your Team

Communicate openly and frequently. Assign clear targets, tasks and responsibilities. Delegate with trust. Enable your team to perform at its best and learn from mistakes. Appreciate your team’s output.

Care for People

Help people become successful by building on their strengths. Develop employees for Schaeffler through coaching and training. Provide and accept candid and constructive feedback regularly. Respect employee diversity and create an inclusive environment. Care for employee health, well-being and safe working conditions.

Manage for Results

Set goals and explain purpose. Go the extra mile to achieve targets. Leverage internal and external expertise. Plan ahead and take time to reflect. Make good results visible and reward them.

Drive the Change

Be curious and open-minded. Inspire your team with new ideas. Create a sense of urgency to initiate change. Develop and communicate a game plan. Generate sustainable gains.

Take on Responsibility

Make clear decisions and stand up for them. Take well-considered risks when needed. Assume ownership for finding solutions. Accept your ideas being challenged. Back up your team‘s decisions.

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