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Solutions for chassis and auxiliary drives in passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Today, our solutions for chassis applications go far beyond mere bearings – we have reengineered them to the point that they are now complete mechatronic systems with sophisticated technology ranging from integrated sensors for capturing data, to electromechanical actuators for active chassis applications. While our focus is on increased safety and comfort, our products also meet the demands for cost-effectiveness. With the aid of our solutions, truck operators can achieve a significant reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Our product portfolio is rounded out by bearings for accessory units and special applications for commercial vehicles.

Components and systems for chassis and accessory units in passenger cars

Space Drive

Space Drive II is a digitally coordinated driving and steering system consisting of hardware and software components. Individually adaptable to a wide variety of safety-relevant applications in the drive-by-wire industry, for example in the autonomous / semi-autonomous control of vehicles. Space Drive is a three-stage multi-redundant motor driver and control system for all standard electric motors (60 A / DC 12-24 V) in applications with the highest safety requirements. Depending on the area of application, the system is subcomponents can be customized with specially adapted software modules. All components are street legal according to ECE-R10, ECE-R-13 and ECE-R-79, a key certifications and foundations for autonomous driving.


  • SD Main module with triple redundancy
  • Customized software package
  • Servo motors for steering, gas and brake
  • Plug and play wiring harnesses
  • Check control touch display
  • Optional input devices such as force feedback and joysticks
  • Back-up battery

Learn more about our Drive-by-Wire Solutions.

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Intelligent rear wheel steering iRWS
Intelligent rear wheel steering iRWS

Rear wheel steering​

The mechatronic Rear Wheel Steering (iRWS) improves ride comfort and safety which offers several key benefits in today’s rapidly urbanizing world. By turning the rear wheels in the opposite direction compared to the front wheels, it reduces the turning radius, significantly increasing maneuverability in tight spaces, such as when parking in busy urban settings. Moreover, the rear axle’s assistive steering action enhances handling, stability and ride comfort and improves vehicle safety.


  • High active force of up to 10 kN​
  • Low system weight < 9 kg​
  • Robust design in cases of misuse​
  • High efficiency during active operation due to reduced friction​
  • Self-locking in safe state (disabled system)​
  • Improved design in terms of acoustics​
  • High accuracy regarding positioning

Active roll control​

Active roll control systems in SUVs as well as in premium sedans provide a significantly better perception of vehicle agility and stability due to the supporting sensor and control technology. Schaeffler has developed an active mechatronic chassis system (iARC) which could base on a 12V on-board electric system as well as on a more powerful 48V on-board electric system. It achieves a reduction in roll copying and a noticeable increase in driving comfort.


  • High actuation accuracy​
  • Reduced complexity​
  • Optimized design envelope with separate control unit​
  • Reduced power losses due to low currents​
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions compared with hydraulic systems
Intelligent active roll control (iARC)​
Intelligent active roll control (iARC)​
Ball screw drive actuator for chassis applications
Ball screw drive actuator for chassis applications

Ball screw drives ​

Ingenious technology for active chassis applications: Our mechanical ball screw drive actuators can be used in numerous innovative automotive chassis applications, for example, in electromechanical steering systems. Offering greater comfort, lower costs and reduced fuel consumption, these systems can replace conventional hydraulic power steering systems. Other application examples include brake applications and active chassis-adjustment systems for ride-height leveling.​


  • Ball screw drives electromechanical steering systems​
  • Ball screw drives for electromechanical brake applications​
  • Ride-height leveling systems

Bearings for the chassis

Sophisticated solutions: Our bearing solutions for the chassis are fully engineered – from design through production to assembly. Our drawn and hardened universal joint bearings, for example, are designed to transfer torques in steering shafts and driveshafts with zero backlash. Compared with conventionally-manufactured products, they offer significantly higher load carrying capacity. To optimize running smoothness, we have even developed special assembly techniques along with the corresponding machines.


  • Strut bearings
  • Spring seat bearings
  • Universal joint bearings (IPH fitting method)
  • Tripod rollers
Cross pin
Cross pin
Steering column
Steering column

Bearings and components for the steering column

Precise and comfortable steering: The steering not only controls the vehicle’s direction, but it also communicates driving “feel” and comfort directly to the driver, while also contributing significantly to driver safety. Here, the bearing support inside the steering column plays a crucial role. Our extensive R&D work on bearings and components for the steering column has resulted in greater protection for the driver in crash situations, improved steering comfort and reduced vibrations in the steering column.


  • Steering column bearings
  • Clamping device
  • Linear bearings/displacement bearings
  • Power steering pump bearings

Wheel bearings

Our innovative solutions for maintenance-free wheel bearings range from compact bearing units to highly-integrated assemblies that incorporate the wheel carrier.

Built-in sensors supply data used for controlling ABS and ESP, as well as for active driving dynamics control. Wheel forces can be measured continuously.

For wheel bearings in vans, SUVs and light trucks, we have developed a special four-row angular contact ball bearing that can replace conventional tapered roller bearings and significantly reduces fuel consumption and emissions. The innovative wheel bearing with face splines offers capacity reserves in addition to weight reduction, optimized installation and longer service life.


  • Wheel bearings
  • Wheel modules
  • Four-row angular contact ball bearings (Twin Tandem)
Face splines
Face splines

Components and systems for chassis and accessory units in commercial vehicles

Wheel bearing
Wheel bearing

Wheel bearing applications

Innovative wheel bearing solutions: Insert wheel bearing units form the basis for maintenance-free commercial vehicle wheel bearing supports. Due to the hub collar, even high lateral forces occurring during cornering are securely supported by the bearing. Mounting without setting work and the clamping of the inner rings against a stop lead to a highly rigid wheel head with precise wheel guidance. High-performance greases and the highly efficient sealing system ensure problem-free usage for the whole life of the vehicle. New, customer-specific special solutions with a special combination of material and heat treatment give a further increase in performance capability. Together with a revised, low-friction sealing system, these have become our “X-life plus” design. Both fuel consumption and emissions have been reduced as a result.


  • Tapered roller bearings
  • Insert tapered roller bearing units
  • Single bearing unit
  • Truck axle module
  • Hub unit offset design

Pinion and differential bearings

Top performance through flexibility: Due to special heat treatment, our pinion and differential bearings have a high deformation capability of the raceway surface. If local overload damage occurs, for example through overrolling of foreign particles in the unfiltered axle drive oil, this allows “self-healing” and thus a long service life. Special designs combine “low friction” and “maximum performance” in our “X-life plus” design.


  • Pinion bearings
  • Crown wheel bearings
  • Semi-locating pinion bearings (full complement)
Differential bearing
Differential bearing
Kingpin bearing
Kingpin bearing

Kingpin bearing support

First class features: Our kingpin bearing supports combine the best characteristics of axial and radial bearings and are used not only in trucks but also in conveying equipment and agricultural machinery. They are solid, resilient and protected against contamination and moisture by a particular high-quality grease.


  • Kingpin bearing support
  • Axial cylindrical roller bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
  • Drawn cup needle roller bearings with open ends
  • Thrust washer

Components for brake applications

Compact and precise: Brake applications from Schaeffler are used in the components of well-known truck suppliers. One example is our brake adjusters for truck disk brakes: A compact design, engagement accuracy and greasing for life makes them a reliable teammate in the vehicle. Schaeffler also supplies special products such as cold formed half-shell bearings that can withstand high static loads.


  • Half-shell bearings for truck disk brakes
  • Axial needle roller bearings
  • ABS sensor ring
  • Brake adjusters
  • Sleeves
  • Axial washers
  • Axial ball/needle roller cage
Brake adjuster
Brake adjuster
Universal joint bearing
Universal joint bearing

Components for drive shafts

Safety in all sizes: Cardanic shafts for trucks are subject to heavy loads and best perform their function with our universal joint bearings. These maintenance-free components are in use in their millions worldwide. One reason is that their seal package is extremely reliable and another is that, in addition to the sizes offered, special versions can be produced. The product range is enormous.


  • Universal joint bearings BBUA / BBUB / BU
  • Semi-locating bearings for drive shafts

Auxiliary drives and interior equipment

The right bearing solution for every requirement: Auxiliary drives are decisively influenced by conventional assessment criteria such as power, torque, mass, consumption and cost-effectiveness. On the basis of these requirements, Schaeffler works in close partnership with customers to develop and manufacture bearing components for auxiliary drive applications such as starters, airconditioning compressors and throttle valves as well as braking and steering systems. Due to Schaeffler’s many years of experience and expertise, it can often respond at very short notice to a wide range of customer specifications.


  • Deep groove ball bearings
  • Four point contact ball bearings
  • Angular contact ball bearings
  • Needle roller bearings
  • Axial bearings
Deep groove ball bearing for steering systems
Deep groove ball bearing for steering systems
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