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Extension of a successful collaboration Rolls-Royce and Schaeffler enter a 12-year partnership

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Warrick Matthews (2nd from right), CPO of Civil Aerospace Rolls-Royce, and Petra Nixon, Executive Vice President Rotatives Rolls-Royce (right), signing the 12-year agreement in Schweinfurt. Schaeffler is represented by Armin Necker (left), Managing Director Aerospace Germany, and CEO Industrial Dr. Stefan Spindler (2nd from left).

2022-04-29 | Schweinfurt/Derby | Singapore

  • Schaeffler will provide long-term support for Rolls-Royce with the latest production technologies and manufacturing processes
  • The contract mainly covers production and development of engine rolling bearing systems for widebody aircraft and business jet market segment
  • This unique long-term partnership is the continuation of almost 40 years of collaboration between Rolls-Royce and Schaeffler

Automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler receives special recognition: The company was awarded with a contract lasting 12 years by Rolls-Royce, one of the world’s-leading manufacturers of aircraft engines. A commitment lasting this long is unusual anywhere, not just in the aviation industry. This close cooperation presents a “win-win” situation for both companies. Rolls-Royce is securing the rolling bearing supply chain until 2035 with Schaeffler’s reliable products and leading manufacturing technologies, whereas Schaeffler is making an important step in its growth initiative by supporting Rolls-Royce with innovative products, R&D excellence and state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Schaeffler will continue to offer the latest production technology and support engine development with optimized manufacturing processes through its “High Performance Bearing Manufacture” program. The focus of the cooperation is on rolling bearing systems for aircraft engines in the growth areas of business aviation and widebody aircraft.

Schaeffler will be responsible for 100% of Rolls-Royce’s supply volume in Europe. The vast majority of the product portfolio will be manufactured at Schaeffler Aerospace Germany in Schweinfurt, further strengthening Schaeffler’s industrial headquarter. Moreover, Schaeffler will support new development programs with its know-how and capabilities from simulation and design to manufacture and rig-testing, supporting the joint Rolls-Royce/Schaeffler technology roadmap.

Schaeffler is a “High Performance Supplier” of Rolls Royce
The even closer cooperation, starting 2024, is based on the successful partnership dating back almost 40 years. Last year, the company was added to the Rolls-Royce High Performance Supplier Group, giving it the exclusive accolade of being one of the leading suppliers and partners of Rolls-Royce. Schaeffler’s global footprint and the high vertical integration level of its production reinforce resilience and ensure business continuity. This coincided with Schaeffler receiving the Best Practice Award from Rolls-Royce for its outstanding performance in the UltraFan® project, the latest development in engine technology geared to the future requirements of the aviation industry.

“We are very proud that a company as large and important as Rolls-Royce has committed itself to us with such a long-running contract. Our two companies have achieved so much together. This is not only down to our expertise and quality demands, but also our common understanding of how business developments must take place in the future”, explained Dr. Stefan Spindler, CEO Industrial at Schaeffler. “With our solutions we can contribute to the target of Zero Emissions in the aviation industry”, added Armin Necker, Managing Director at Schaeffler Aerospace Germany.

Building on the 12-year contract, intensified MRO activities (maintenance, repair and overhaul) are planned which will cover the supply of refurbished bearings. Refurbishment of bearings plays an important role in extending the lifecycles of product solutions and reducing CO2-emissions and thus saving significant amounts of resources. Rolls-Royce and Schaeffler are both among the UN’s 50 sustainability & climate leaders.

Warrick Matthews, CPO of Civil Aerospace at Rolls-Royce, added: “Our goal is to consistently improve the supply chain of Rolls-Royce with a clear focus on the strong performance of our partners as well as the strict implementation of an eco-friendly, sustainable closed-loop economy. We're ideally placed to achieve both of these things with our High Performance Supplier, Schaeffler.”

"This success story is based on our trustful cooperation over the past years, which is driven by the dedication of the employees in both companies," explains Armin Necker. "Together, we will continue to pursue our ambitious goals for enhanced sustainability in the aviation sector and achieve them thanks to innovative products, manufactured and developed at our main location in Schweinfurt."

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