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Schaeffler hosts Asian edition of global automotive symposium in Japan; showcases innovations that will shape the future of mobility globally

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Schaeffler’s new 4in1 e-axle combines four subsystems – the electric motor, transmission, power electronics and thermal management – into one innovative and integrated system.

2022-12-01 | Singapore

  • Schaeffler Symposium in Yokohama highlights sustainable mobility solutions for customers & partners in Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia Pacific and India
  • Innovations in electromobility, engine and transmissions systems, chassis systems and bearings on display
  • The symposium is part of a global showcase across key regions of Europe, Americas, Asia/Pacific and China

Schaeffler puts the spotlight on its innovative components and systems for powertrains, chassis systems and new mobility solutions toward enhancing efficiency and minimizing carbon emissions at the Schaeffler Symposium Japan 2022.

The event featuring technology demonstrations, exhibits and technical seminars was presented by Schaeffler’s Automotive Technologies division, highlighting its innovation, customer and market orientation, and transformation towards the future of mobility in the region.

Dharmesh Arora, Schaeffler Regional CEO Asia/Pacific, said, “We are excited to present our continued, ongoing transformation in pushing the boundaries of efficient and sustainable mobility,” “Throughout the event, attendees were able to experience first-hand our innovations and technologies actively driving transformation in the automotive industry. Furthermore, as a respected global supplier of high-quality, innovative technology solutions, the customer-focused event provides a platform for us to inspire collaboration and strengthen cooperation.”

Powertrain Innovations

With an eye on the future, electrified powertrains have been part of Schaeffler‘s core business since 2018, where the company develops products and technologies from individual electromobility components to highly complex systems. “At Schaeffler, we anticipate that in 2030, 80 per cent of all vehicles produced worldwide will be with electrified powertrains – both fully electric and hybrid. We are well positioned to take advantage of this shift and have made headways when it comes to technological advancements, particularly in our electric axle drives”, Dharmesh commented.

Earlier this year, Schaeffler announced its 4in1 e-axle, which combines four subsystems – electric motor, transmission, power electronics, and thermal management – into one highly innovative system. Designed with an intelligent control system, this high degree of integration allows for more efficient use of thermal energy – up to 14% less energy consumption through waste heat utilization and CO2 heat pump – in the vehicle leading to increased range and ride comfort. The 4in1 e-axle was also on display for the first time in Japan.

New Mobility & Intelligent Chassis

Also on show for the first time in Japan was Schaeffler‘s rolling chassis, a scalable platform for new driverless mobility solutions that can enable entirely new forms of autonomous mobility.

“Increasing urbanization, particularly in fast-growing markets in India, China and Southeast Asia, coupled with the rapid pace of regulatory and technological changes have shifted preferences towards new and alternative mobility concepts. To support these trends, our rolling chassis provides a universal platform easily configurable for various requirements in terms of maneuverability and performance – from passenger and freight transport to service applications,” Dharmesh further added.

The Symposium also saw Schaeffler presenting its new chassis applications for autonomous mobility that utilizes Schaeffler’s steer-by-wire systems. The system is a key technology that eliminates the mechanical connection between the steering wheel and steering gear. This will bring new opportunities with respect to interior design – up to and including all-new vehicle concepts.

Open to all technologies approach

To actively drive transformation in the automotive industry, Schaeffler supports an open-to-all technologies approach in supporting the reduction of emissions in all types of vehicles.

“As a champion of efficient and sustainable mobility, we understand that different markets and application scenarios require distinct innovative solutions. That is why we continue developing our combustion engine technology – both high-efficiency pure combustion engines and optimized combustion engines for hybrid powertrains. As a result, we can always offer our customers the best, most resource-efficient solution for their particular needs.” Dharmesh explained.

Alongside all-electric powertrains, Schaeffler also sees hybrid powertrains playing a pivotal role in the transition towards sustainable mobility. Furthermore, the company is also developing components for fuel cell-powered drives and systems – which were also on display at the symposium.

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