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Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Korea launches ‘Schaeffler TruPower’ Commercial Vehicle Coolant Optimized for Engine Thermal Management

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2024-04-21 | Singapore

  • Provides optimal thermal management for commercial vehicle engines operating under high loads and extreme conditions
  • Supplied through Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Korea specialized distribution channels

The Automotive Aftermarket division of the leading motion technology company, Schaeffler Korea, launched a new ‘Schaeffler TruPower’ CV Coolant in Korean market.

The commercial vehicle coolant comes in a 4-liter (L) specification and is available for purchase through 'Junwoo APS,' a specialized automotive aftermarket distributor. Schaeffler TruPower commercial vehicle coolant contains additives that prevent corrosion of the engine and internal parts, thus enhancing the engine's lifespan.

Additionally, the coolant comes with antifreeze solution containing a pre-mixed 50-50 ratio of ethylene glycol and water, is ready for use without requiring any addition water. It is suitable for use in a variety of commercial vehicles including trucks, buses, LCVs, as well as specialty vehicles such as tractors.

This new coolant is designed to provide optimal heat management for commercial vehicle engines operating under high loads and extreme conditions. Taking into consideration the driving characteristics of commercial vehicles, Schaeffler has utilized its expertise in water pumps and engine heat management to maintain the optimal performance of the coolant and ensure the engine temperature remains stable under various climate conditions.

With its expertise in the automotive aftermarket, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket Korea plans to continuously providing innovative products and diverse solutions to the market in future.

Since the introduction of its Automotive Aftermarket brand, Schaeffler TruPower, to the domestic market in 2022, Schaeffler has been focusing on the development of high performance aftermarket products in Korea.

Mr. Lee Byung-chan, CEO of Schaeffler Korea stated, “In response to the demand within the commercial vehicle industry, we have released coolant specifically tailored for extreme operating environments, surpassing conventional products for general vehicles. We plan to continue introducing customized products developed according to specific market segments, such as electric vehicles, in the future.”

Publisher: Schaeffler (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
Country: Singapore


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